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It was established in 1993 in Istanbul İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone to produce and supply quality zinc and aluminum alloys. Şakir Metal, which has continuously developed its vision with its expert staff and today's technological equipment since the day it was founded; By increasing its market share day by day, it also exports in the international arena and makes significant contributions to the country's economy.

Our Şakir Metal brand, which has been on the path of institutionalization with its high quality service understanding and continuous self-development of technology since its establishment, continues its activities with a new face and a new brand name. During this institutionalization process, the brand name of Alumport and a new logo describing our company activities were decided.

As Alumport brand, we continue to work with our strength to ensure customer satisfaction and to meet the expectations of our customers in the fastest way with our team spirit, quality business understanding and products we produce on the same foundations.