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Copper Scrap

Peeling copper is the pure copper that comes out as a result of peeling the plastic on the surface of scrap cables with the help of machines. In general, scrap comes from the stripping of cables, and comes out of wire factories as production residues. Its analysis is 99.99% pure copper. In order to have a conductive structure, it must have a copper content of 99.99% purity. Otherwise, it does not conduct electricity well and does not function fully.

Scrap cables of certain thicknesses are peeled in stripping machines and stripping copper is obtained. However, thin cables are also processed in crushing machines because the labor is increased and the peeling process is difficult. The points to be considered in peeling coppers are that there is no oxidation on the surface, there is no oil on the surface and there is no thread in it. In peeling copper, such criteria directly affect the price.